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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Up Against the Wall: The Lawless Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices


We all know that the Director of State Courts, Randy Koschnick, was illegally fired (on August 2) by the four liberal and lawless supreme court justices. (See Article 7 Section 4 of the Wisconsin Constitution.)

Those four liberal justices included recently installed Janet Protasiewicz, who didn’t waste any time demonstrating her desire to turn the court into a third political leg of the Democrat party, and showing she has no time for the law or rules; she wants power, and she wants it now! (Of course, this is what the people of Wisconsin get when they knowingly don’t bother voting in an important election or knowingly vote for a person who stated time and again that she would turn the court into a political decision making body rather than one that upholds the law. Sure, Dan Kelly was boring on the campaign trail, but he has integrity and he made it clear he would abide by the law regardless of his personal beliefs.)

The 4-horsewomen (yes, that’s in reference to the Four Horsemen; google it) of the court held their own secret meeting to fire their director. They didn’t hold a meeting with all 7 justices of the court. Can you imagine what comes next? The 4-horsewomen holding court and deciding cases without the other three involved?

They also failed to abide by the chief justice’s authority to be the administrative head of the supreme court and who has the power to call meetings, set the agenda, and lead the court. All 7 justices have to vote on decisions, and when they fired the director, only the 4 met, alone, and only the 4 voted. (Can you guess how they voted?) These 4-horsewomen decided to cut the chief justice out of the process, which makes their actions and secret meetings all unconstitutional.

And they’re so bold in their lawlessness that they figure no one can or will hold them accountable, but I think that they will find themselves wrong on that count. Very soon.

Their lawless then went farther, whereby the 4-horsewomen then illegally appointed a sitting judge, Audrey Skwierawski of Milwaukee County, as a replace director of state courts calling her an interim director, like that is going to get them off the hook for their lawlessness. She’s a sitting judge and Article 7 Section 10 says that no sitting judge can serve in any other office of public trust (except a judicial office, i.e. as a judge) while serving as a judge. That means that Skwierawski is also now breaking the law. Did any of these 4-horsewomen bother to read the statutes or the Wisconsin Constitution?

Rebecca dallet
Rebecca dallet, janet protasiewicz, jill karofsky, and ann walsh bradley.

Then there’s Supreme Court rule 70.01, which defines the director of state courts as the chief non-judicial officer of the entire court system, not just the supreme court. And Skwierawski is now serving as head of the court system for which she is a judge or employee, thereby placing her in a conflicted position. It would be like having a mayor also serve as an alderperson on the council. You can’t do both at the same time. (Not to mention her judicial position in Milwaukee is effectively now compromised and she is no longer hearing cases for which she is receiving a salary from the taxpayers for. And Milwaukee is overwhelmed with cases from what I hear; they need every judge they can get.)

Then, after the firing, on Friday, August 4, the 4 liberal justices met again privately and secretly and re-wrote the internal operating procedures of the supreme court to try to strip the chief justice of all her authority under the Constitution. Remarkable. They think that they can override the constitution administratively – using internal court ‘operating procedures’ to execute a coup. Again, with not all 7 justices meeting, which Article 7 Section 4 requires – only 4 met, those 4 violated the Constitution and did again by taking away chief justice’s authority.

The brazenness of this entire salted affair is stunning. Are the people of Wisconsin going to stand by idly and watch as their constitution is shredded? If they get away with this, then there is no law, no constitution, and you can forget ever receiving a fair trial, because every decision made by the Supreme Court (and soon thereafter) every court will be a political decision – just like in the Soviet Union and in Communist nations, just like that reporter in Russia is currently experiencing.

Randy koschnick
Randy koschnick

Their first target will be to gerrymander the compact voting maps in their favor. Elections won’t matter, because they want power, power, power, and they have now demonstrated that they will do anything to get it. Just like Hitler did when he threw out the German constitution and the settlement agreement signed that ended WWI.

I don’t like to make predictions, but I’m going to predict that this Supreme Court will become a major political issue in the 2024 election. Maybe for once the quiet, hard working people of Wisconsin that didn’t vote or that vote occasionally will wake up and realize how important every election is. It’s time to stand up people! Time to take back your government.

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!


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