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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Sheriff David Clarke: Janet Protasiewicz’s Treatment of Milwaukee Grandmother Is Reminiscent of Slavery


Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is slamming Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz for her treatment of a black grandmother from Milwaukee, saying her actions are “reminiscent of what white slave owners did in separating children of black slaves from their families.”

“What Janet Protaseiwicz did in separating Ms. Hudson from her grandchildren is reminiscent of what white slave owners did in separating children of black slaves from their families,” Clarke told Wisconsin Right Now.

“It happened to a Frederick Douglas. Saying that she was ‘honored’ in doing so is disgusting. Black voters should be made aware of the real Janet Protasiewicz before voting. Milwaukee media not highlighting this makes them party to this crime,” said Clarke.

Protasiewicz bragged about the case in a judicial application to then-Gov. Scott Walker.

Margaret hudson
Margaret hudson with her grandson darryl

Wisconsin Right Now reported this week on the heartbreaking story of Margaret Hudson, a now 87-year-old grandmother. Protasiewicz fought tooth and nail to take Hudson’s two 5-year-old grandsons from her; the grandmother, then in her 60s, lost the kids because she did not have a bigger house. Margaret spoke here:


However, even when Margaret got a bigger house, Protasiewicz did not back down in her aggressive efforts to break up Margaret’s family. Protasiewicz wanted the twins, Darryl and Durrell, to be adopted by a single white woman on Milwaukee’s south side, where they were eventually placed. The family told WRN that this led to years of separation and difficulties for the boys, who were eventually returned to their blood family at age 13.

Darryl guenter
Darryl with his grandma, margaret hudson.

Sheriff Clarke also commented on the accusations from two men – Protasiewicz’s former stepson Michael Madden and former restaurant/bar owner Jon Ehr – who say they heard Protasiewicz use the “N-word” to refer to black parents and others in Children’s Court when she was a prosecutor in 1997.

“On the racial slur: Add her comfortably throwing around the N-word is evidence of a racist pattern of behavior,” Clarke said of the racial slur allegations.


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