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The Trump Show Trial Tribulations [Up Against the Wall]


It’s difficult to keep up on all the machinations going on in politics these days. Normal people don’t want to hear about it; we’re just frustrated and pissed off quite honestly, which is why the Dems’ strategy may backfire on them. While we all know a few people who love drama and can’t live without it, most humans don’t like drama. They’ll vote to get rid of Biden just to reduce the drama. I like to call the Dems’ strategy “all chaos, all the time,” but that’s a recipe for disaster for them, because sooner or later, people will have had enough. They’re worn out from it. And this phony show trial in NY is part of it.

I mean, really, this case comes down to this; a single line on an invoice: “Legal Services…..$130,000” while the prosecution says the line item should have said this: “Campaign Expenditure….$130,000.” Of course, had Trump’s accountant booked the expenditure that way, it would have been illegal, which is the irony in all this.

And can someone explain to me how the prosecution gets 32 separate charges out of that line item above? Hmm, maybe one is a misspelling charge? Maybe the bookkeeper broke her nail when entering the data into the computer?

In summation, the prosecution said something to the effect that Trump paid off Stormy Daniels to hide her alleged story from the media, and that “could very well be what got President Trump elected.” In other words, the crime Trump committed was getting elected in 2016. How dare Trump!

Seriously, the prosecution’s closing arguments made it very clear to me that the prosecutor wants Trump convicted for ‘hiding’ the story from the public, i.e. for engaging in what hundreds of men have done in recent history, signing a settlement agreement and paying off someone who may have damaging information on them that they don’t want coming to light, true or not. And surprise, it’s not a crime.

But the prosecutor laid out his case to the jury – that because Trump was running for president, that makes it a crime. Note the prosecutor never proved that there was an underlying crime, nor did the prosecution prove that Trump knew that the legal fee invoice was for paying off Stormy
(love that name) Daniels. In fact, the key witness testified that he stole money from Trump without Trump’s knowledge, so if he can steal from Trump, why would we expect Trump to know that the words “legal services” really meant a settlement pay off?

Also, did I hear that right, the judge took a one-week vacation in the middle of the trial last week? I can’t find verification of that anywhere, but I do know there was a break. Ironically, the jury got a nice break too. While the Dems thought that the jury would go home and get an earful from people against Trump, I’m guessing that Trump’s carefully timed Bronx rally may have resulted in the opposite – the jury hearing from New Yorkers who don’t buy the bill of goods that the libs are sellin’.

Second, the fact that the jury was given the case deliberation on Wednesday May 29th is good news. You never want a jury to go into deliberations on a Friday afternoon. Here the jury has half of Wednesday and all day Thursday and Friday to think this through before they feel the pressure of the weekend coming with the dread of having to return on Monday.

My guess, if the jury comes back soon, it’ll be ‘not guilty’. If they come back closer to late Friday, it’s either ‘guilty’ or a hung jury, and all it would take is one patriotic juror to hang the jury. If even a single one of them thinks, “hmm, that could be me someday,” then Trump will be not
guilty. But what I am worried about is the judge pulling out jurors who won’t comply with his desire for a conviction, and then substituting a backup juror. Don’t put anything passed this judge; he’s desperate to avoid looking like a fool and if the jury comes back ‘not guilty’ this judge
may doing something rash and illegal.

And talk about a psycho judge – admonishing a witness for saying “geez.” Seriously, any judge that is that sensitive and that insecure about his position that he has to threaten a witness for a perfectly human comment about the craziness of this case is half crazy himself. And he makes all judges look bad. This case has really torn down the whole judicial system, giving a bad name to judges, to the court, to prosecutors. What a waste.
You can’t find a more insane case. All we can do is hope that the jury gets it right, because if they get it wrong, it means that any one of us can be arrested and thrown in jail under false pretenses for saying or doing something that is not politically correct, including refusing to call
someone by their preferred pronoun – or just for running for office while conservative.

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