Kenosha Police Shooting: Imperative We Wait For The Facts

jacob blake kenosha police shooting
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As it stands right now, all we have is a very short video showing the Kenosha police shooting of Jacob Blake. It shows at least two officers giving the man commands and pointing firearms at him. He ignores their commands, defiantly walking away and attempts to enter a vehicle and reach down as an officer attempts to physically pull him from entering the vehicle. Blake is subsequently shot by an officer. Seven shots are heard in the video. The fact that it appears two officers had their weapons drawn tells us more than one officer recognized an imminent fear of death or great bodily harm to themselves or others.

There is absolutely not enough information at this time for anyone to make an informed decision regarding this incident yet.  So often video is released, rioting begins, and only afterwards, we find out that the officer was completely justified in the use of deadly force. For example, watch the body cam video of the recent Sheboygan police shooting.

Gov. Evers’ premature statement was reckless and insulting to law enforcement. The statement regarding the Kenosha police shooting was not based on any facts of what happened. We find his use of the words “mercilessly killed” to be even more appalling. Once again, we have a liberal in a position of leadership attempting to pander to Black Lives Matter, but instead causing even more pain, confusion and destruction. Read our column on Evers’ statement.

Perhaps, when all of the facts are out regarding this Kenosha police shooting it will end up being a bad shoot. We don’t know that yet. Yes, the video, at first glance, raises concerns. However, there’s too much we don’t know. All we have is a very short video showing the Kenosha police shooting of Jacob Blake including any other video or witness statements and the statements of the officer himself. We don’t know that yet. Yes, the video, at first glance, raises concerns. However, there’s too much we don’t know.

The Kenosha Police Shooting Information We Need To Know:

To properly assess the shooting, we need to know the answers to many questions, including:

  • Did Blake have or have access to a weapon?
  • Why were the officers called to the scene, and what information did they know or not know?
  • What actions or statements did Blake, victims or witnesses at the scene say or do?
  • What the officers saw and knew.
  • Did the officers have reason to believe a weapon was in the vehicle? (Remember that state law requires reasonable belief, not the presence of an actual weapon)
  • The history of Blake and what officers knew of him
  • Was anyone else in the car?
  • Was Blake, as Governor Evers said, shot “in the back”?
  • Two screenshots raise questions about what Blake had in his right hand while walking away and of a possible object that fell from the car as Blake was shot.

Did an object fall from the car at about 13 seconds into the video?

Kenosha police shooting
A screenshot from the video

Did Blake have something in his hand? What was it?

Kenosha police shooting
Was something in Blake’s hand?

Jake Blake has an extremely disturbing banner on his Facebook page depicting police officers in a squad with pig and demon faces. He also had an open warrant. A previous gun incident involving a Jacob Blake of the same age bears similarities, as the man resisted and a K9 was needed to get control. That may tell us a little about Blake’s mindset and what he said or did on the scene that caused the officers concern.

It is very possible that these officers saved their own lives or the lives of others. It is also possible that what we saw was a murder. We must, however, wait for the facts before we draw any conclusion.


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  1. It will turn out to be justified. But they will still riot and the press will try to crucify the officers. The governor and his lieutenant gov. statements were way out of line. They should both be removed from office. This man was a well-known thug with a criminal past. Will he be raised to a deity status as George Floyd was? This insanity must stop, our countries future must not be ruined by these urban terrorists’ criminal behavior.

  2. Of course Blake had a weapon. His car! He could have run down the police or the former domestic partner who called the cops, on whose property they were. He could have caused a high speed pursuit endangering his kids, bystanders, the cops, etc. “Why’d the police shoot me so many times, dad?” “So you wouldn’t run them over with your truck, son, so you wouldn’t run them over with your truck.”

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