Cortez Rice: Kenosha Jurors Are Being Photographed, BLM Activist Says

Cortez Rice, who is a BLM activist in Minnesota, says on video that jurors in the Kenosha trial of Kyle Rittenhouse are being photographed.

The names of the jurors in the trial were sealed by the judge making it harder for them to be doxxed. However, the public has access to the court proceedings, where the jurors sit in plain view. Only journalistic pool photographers are allowed inside the courtroom. The Rittenhouse trial just concluded week 1; it didn’t go well for the prosecution, which has failed to present evidence that counters his self-defense claims.

There hasn’t been much protest activity outside the courthouse yet, but, of course, Kenosha burned in the violent response to the Jacob Blake police shooting. Rittenhouse, who is charged with homicide and other serious charges, had gone to Kenosha to protect businesses and act as a volunteer medic. There are 18 jurors left in the case after two were dismissed. They were drawn from Kenosha County.

“I ain’t even gonna name the people that I know that’s up in the Kenosha trial,” Rice said in the video, which is going viral on social media. “But it’s cameras in there. It’s definitely cameras up in there. There’s definitely people taking pictures of the jurors and everything like that. We know what’s going on.” Referring to the Daunte Wright case, he said of Rittenhouse: “so we need the same results, man.”

Although it’s been widely reported, including in major Minneapolis news outlets, that Rice is George Floyd’s nephew,  Floyd’s aunt told Wisconsin Right Now that is “not true.”

People saved his video.

First Coast News previously identified Cortez Rice as George Floyd’s nephew. KTTC-TV in Minneapolis also previously described Rice as Floyd’s nephew in a story discussing how he was pushing for police “accountability” measures in the state Legislature. But again Floyd’s aunt, Angela Harrison, says it’s not true that Rice is Floyd’s nephew.

He previously recorded himself in the hallway outside an apartment, which people on social media claim was the home of the judge in the Daunte Wright trial. Daunte Wright is the Minnesota man who was shot and killed by a police officer who thought she was using a taser.

“We’re on her heels…we want cameras in the courtroom. People deserve to know what’s going on. We think this is her crib. We have confirmation this is her house… waiting for the gang to get up here,” he said in that video.

Rice has posted about the Rittenhouse trial on Facebook.

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