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Maurice Freeland’s Wife Believes He’s ‘Jump Kick Man,’ Makes ‘White Boy’ Comment Claim


Why didn’t prosecutors and police more thoroughly investigate “Jump Kick Man”? They have subpoena powers to prove or disprove the claims, including dramatic allegations about racial comments.

Melody Price Freeland, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Maurice Freeland – the Kenosha felon who is suspected of being “Jump Kick Man” in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial – claimed to Wisconsin Right Now in an exclusive interview that Maurice allegedly told her right after the shooting occurred, “You’re not going to believe what just happened; I almost got shot by a dude.”

“He was all proud of it. He was all excited and happy,” said Melody, the mother of Maurice’s 7-year-old child, in exclusive interviews with Wisconsin Right Now on Nov. 17-18. She said she was speaking out because she believes what he did was “wrong” and all facts should be known about the case.

Read our previous story on Freeland here. Dan O’Donnell of WISN-1130 was first to confirm the news that prosecutors told the defense as testimony ended that Maurice Freeland says he’s Jump Kick Man, and we were first to report the name. Other outlets, such as Fox News, have now confirmed the story. We’ve made extensive attempts to reach Freeland himself, which we outline later in this story.

Melody’s adult daughter, Jessica Ramirez, backed her up on this point. “The picture was all over Facebook. He bragged all over Facebook that he was the one who kicked Kyle. It’s definitely him.” (There’s not much visible to non-friends on his pages now.) Both Melody and Ramirez said they recognize the clothing he wore in the photo too.

Jump kick man

Melody provided new alleged details that, while unproven, seem like something the prosecution would want to vet and either debunk or verify: most dramatically, she alleged to Wisconsin Right Now that Maurice posted on Facebook shortly before the shooting, writing, as she recalled it, “@Team Reese, let’s kill that white boy” with emojis of a gun and coffin. Maurice Freeland’s nickname is Reese, which is verified by his Facebook pages. She could not provide rock-solid proof of this, however, beyond her memory.

Jump kick man
This is a photo from april 2021 of freeland from facebook.

We spoke with Melody twice by phone and then met with her in person at her home in Kenosha, not far from where the jury continued to deliberate charges, including one charge accusing Rittenhouse of recklessly endangered the safety of the man both prosecutors and defense said was unknown and called “Jump Kick Man.”

Yet, we’ve learned that people close to Freeland widely believed he was Jump Kick Man right after the shooting happened, and it was discussed openly on Facebook. We heard that from four people who know him. Melody says the police and prosecutors never bothered to talk to her, even though she is the mother of his child and still his wife. Minimally, it raises questions of how thorough the police investigation was (remember they missed half of the ballistics evidence in the Joseph Rosenbaum shooting).

Wouldn’t it be important to vet such a key player? “Jump Kick Man” delivered quite a kick to Rittenhouse. This is on video. He was the second person Rittenhouse shot at and the first after Rittenhouse fell in the street; Rittenhouse, then 17, shot Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz seconds later.

There’s no doubt that Jump Kick Man was attacking Rittenhouse, but prosecutors and the defense attorneys disagree over whether Rittenhouse had the legal right to use self-defense. It seemed bizarre from the start that this man was still “unknown” and instead gifted with a colorful nickname in court in such a contentious and important trial.

Even the judge referred to him as “Jump Kick Man” and the jury instructions say he’s an unknown man. The criminal complaint against Rittenhouse did too. It’s even more bizarre now.

Melody freeland
Melody freeland

When did prosecutors learn Maurice claimed to be Jump Kick Man? That remains unclear. We now have three sources in a position to know, however, who confirm that prosecutors told the defense only last Thursday, November 11, 2021, on the day testimony closed. They said that Maurice James Freeland, 39, of Kenosha, had come forward claiming he was Jump Kick Man; it’s not clear when he first came forward, and Melody did not know.

Jump kick man

He wanted immunity for pending charges (OWI, with a passenger under age 16; disorderly conduct with a domestic abuse modifier; and THC possession), the sources said (Melody says the OWI involves their young son). Prosecutors did not grant the immunity request, and he was never called to testify by either side. They’ve described Jump Kick Man and the others as heroic figures who intervened after Rittenhouse shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum, who was chasing him into a corner of a car lot.

Melody had some dramatic claims.

Asked whether she knew if the white boy comment referred to Rittenhouse, she said, “I don’t, to be honest.” But she said a “half-hour after he said it,” he was allegedly kicking Rittenhouse.

Melody also claims that Maurice expressed that he was upset about white men with rifles earlier that night. She says he later deleted the message and that they also spoke by phone that night.

Facebook generally wants law enforcement to act fast when making subpoena requests. Clearly, if such a statement were actually made, it would upend the narrative that Rittenhouse was the “racist” attacker; the defense is already arguing that the first man shot (and killed), Joseph Rosenbaum had made two threats to kill Rittenhouse. Prosecutors say they don’t believe that.

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